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Say goodbye to costly repairs & maintenance

Due to the nature of paving stones, its flexibility allows it to move freely with seasonal changes, each stone shifts slightly without affecting the overall surface. Paving stones are very easy to replace, and repairs are barely noticeable, if at all. One of the main advantages it has over concrete is that most alterations, additions or repairs can be done in small sections, avoiding the need to have to redo the entire driveway or walkway.

Another advantage paving stones have over concrete is the fact that it’s easy to maintain. Stains and spills are easier to remove on paving stones than concrete. Concrete requires cracks to be repaired to minimize water intrusion, which can cause problems with the subgrade. Similarly, sealing joints is also needed to minimize water intrusion, and also prevent dirt collection and weeds. Whereas, with paving stones, should any joint sand be washed out during regular cleaning it’s simple to replace.

 ROI of a Paving Stone Makeover

Concrete is often thought to be the more cost-effective option versus paving stone. However, when you take into consideration the long-term cost for repairs and/or replacement of cracked concrete it often outweighs any initial savings. Many times, you are required to order a minimum amount of concrete which can mean paying for more than you need. When you consider the return on your investment, a paved stone driveway or walkway allows you to pay for only what you need and will also provide a higher value for your home.

Driveways, Walkways & Stairs

Paving Stones -  A great choice for durability & flexibility  

Concrete driveways are quite susceptible to cracking with ground shifting and tree roots. Paving stones, on the other hand, very rarely crack. It is a much harder material than poured concrete. Paving stones contain less moisture than concrete which increases its load bearing capability, making it one of the most durable surfaces for vehicle and foot traffic. It also increases its strength in extreme climate.

With concrete slab if the grading is not right it can be a very costly error. This can also lead to low spots in the concrete which will retain water and cause discolouration and staining. Paving stones have more flexibility if the grading is off and settling occurs later. It’s easy to readjust the individual stones by simply removing the affected stones, correcting the grading, and reinstalling the stones.

Your walkways and driveway are the welcome mats for your home. Finishing your driveway and walkways not only creates a safe and beautiful appeal to your property, but it also adds to the resale value of your home.

Is yours in need of some repair or a replacement? If you live in the South Okanagan and are thinking of an upgrade for your walkways or driveway, consider a paving stone makeover by Rocks ‘N’ Blocks Landscaping & Irrigation

The best part about paving stones...Start enjoying your new driveway or walkway immediately!

Concrete requires some time to dry and cure before you can use your driveway. Paving stones, in contrast, requires no cure time. Once these beautiful stones are installed, you can enjoy your new investment immediately.