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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
Now that you've built it the way you want it, why not enjoy at dusk as well. With a modern wireless LED lighting system you can enjoy your oasis 24/7! (If you can stay awake that long)

Elegance & Safety

Exterior lighting systems not only offer a beautiful spotlight on your entire property, but it also gives property owners the added security and safety throughout the entire day that regular porch lights or solar pillars just can't offer.  

The main benefit of low voltage lighting is that it's an affordable and energy efficient way to create esthetic curb appeal to your home by showcasing your landscape and home exterior.  

Quality lighting design can enhance and elongate your enjoyment time in your favourite outdoor spaces.

When helping to create your exterior lighting layout, we work with each property owner to include their own personal style to help set the mood, ambiance, and security of the landscape that they will enjoy for years to come.

Low voltage lighting designs aren't only for commercial properties or large estates, even modest sized homes or those with smaller yards can benefit from beauty and safety of landscape lighting.

Vacation Rental Properties

If you own a vacation rental property, lighting design will be very important for the safety and comfort of your guests who are going to be unfamiliar with the layout of your yard. Every guest wants a relaxing and safe vacation.

Control the lighting of your property – even when you aren’t there. We offer lighting systems that can be controlled by a Smartphone. Set the lighting for your guests before they arrive and change settings again when they leave. With the click of a button on your phone, you can make your vacation property an oasis - memorable, modern and safe! If you prefer manual controls, those can be used as well.

We offer: Area lighting, step lighting, deck lighting, downlighting and more.

A beautifully lit property will deter potential intruders or trespassers by illuminating and providing visibility in all areas. Perimeter and security lighting are made easy with our wirelessly controlled options.

Function and Beauty

Living in the South Okanagan means that we get the pleasure of experiencing some of the best weather and panoramic views in Western Canada.

We're an outdoor living community and many of us make the most of our yards and outdoor living areas for as much of the year as possible. It's now very common for outdoor entertainment spaces to include outdoor kitchen areas, sitting lounges, multi-level decks, pool and spa areas - which makes lighting design even more important - especially with the amount of entertaining we do here in the South Okanagan.

Safe passage lighting is more important than ever before. Most property owners are intimately familiar with their landscape layout, but guests may not feel comfortable navigating outdoor spaces without adequate lighting.

Return on Investment

You have an investment in your home and landscaped property - so why not consider enhancing that investment by adding luxury or economy lighting features?

First impressions are everything and the first impression of a well-lit property can add up to 15% to the value of your home - or more!

Our lighting products and services come with professional consultations, free quote and warranties.